Digi-Sporting. A new step towards digital transformation through sports science

Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Erasmus + project

Specific objectives of Digi-Sporting:

Address the need to break the barriers of fear of technology and the change that the introduction of new IT tools may imply.

Expand the training offer in technological skills in the world of sports, for personal and professional performance, tackling skills gaps and mismatches to avoid wasting much of the potential and possibilities offered by the digital transformation.

Create educational contents, by promoting interdisciplinary cooperation in technology and sports science, that can be adapted to different job positions, so that everyone learns what their professional profiles need, in order to foster employability.

The main results of the project will be the following:


Better knowledge of the level of development and application of new technologies (methods, practical applications, etc.) in the daily work of sport academies and clubs at european level and their real needs through a in-depth research at a European level.


Identification of the professional profiles that are currently developing these works related to digital transformation in sport academies and clubs in order to detect their shortcomings, competences required, qualifications…


The curriculum for postgraduate training of technologist-analyst in the field of sports science (output 2) will serve at improving a range of digital competences based on the results of the research previously conducted, tackling skills gaps and mismatches for professional profiles that enables exploiting the potential and benefits that technologies can bring to the world of sports today.


Design of a self-diagnosis ICT tool that will provide sport academies and clubs with concrete information on their specific needs in terms of application of new technologies in their day to day, as well as informing them about strategic and tools for covering these shortcomings.


Development of a Certificate or Quality Seal that will allow to recognize sport academies, clubs and other kind of public or private entities active in the sports field for their adoption of new technologies in their daily management and the professional qualification of their workers as means of taking advantage of the full potential for an effective digital transformation.


Disseminating project outputs at a large scale.
Regarding the results of the project for partners organizations, we have to highlight that they will make up a strategic association that will continue collaborating in developing and recognizing skills in sports science through new projects, exchanging experiences, etc. This strategic association will be open to add new organisations interested in the addressed field.